Monday, December 17, 2012

After using the #HTCOneXPlus from #StarHub for a little more than a week, I kind of got the hang of using it as my daily driver . This has been my first experience  using a HTC phone and I did had my reservations about it. However my experience with the One X + has been a seemingly pleasant one and its performance is comparable to that of my own galaxy note 2 save for the screen size difference. Instead of listing down every feature , I guess I would just comment on the things that I feel most in my normal daily life.

  1. The impressive battery life of the phone! the 2100 mah battery is more than sufficient to last through an entire day of normal usage. This is a major improvement over the older One X and I am glad HTC listen to customers'feedback to fix that issue. This saves me the trouble of having to carry around an extra battery pack or even my charging cable when I am out and about during the day( something i see with most other smartphone users).
  2. The camera of the HTC One X + is also of very good quality (both front and back)!  One of the best phone cameras out there on the market.It produces sharp and crisp images and performs superb under low lighting conditions thanks to its BSI sensor. The 99 no shutter lag continuous burst mode also allows for capture of fast moving images and together with the best picture function,  it makes capturing that perfect image simple!
  3. The huge 64gb in build storage together with the free 50gb storage space from dropbox that you can redeem once you sign up under your HTC phone, is more than enough for any user I believe.
  4. The HTC sense 4 layout is simply beautiful and well designed.Set up was a breeze and took me less than 10 mins to get my phone set up and ready to go. Uninstalling apps is as simple as pressing and holding the app on your home screen and selecting delete. No more going deep into system settings to do so.The built in player plays every file type i threw at it . I do not even need to download a third party application to use at all! 
  5. Beats audio integration is a very welcomed feature! As I use my phone as my main mp3 a player as well, audio quality is of extreme importance to me and the HTC One X + speakers are loud and audible with little distortion thanks to its new amplifiers and when listening with headphones, the beats audio technology takes listening to music to a whole new level! 

There of cause plenty of other features that the HTC One X + have hidden within its gorgeous design that I did not mention. But Those that I have are which find the most applicable to MY daily usage of the phone. I am pretty sure everyone has different opinions about their own personal usage , but I am confident no matter the situation the HTC One X + is definitely more than capable to help any user satisfy their smartphone demands!

I highly recommend this phone to those who want a top end android device or even a first time smartphone owner at a reasonable price! Its capability and potential are reason enough to give it a try!

Friday, November 30, 2012

24 Hours in OSAKA!

As the title suggested I went on a 24hr trip in Osaka, Japan. Well this I got to thank Jetstar Asia for their special offer, giving out free tickets to those who can manage to rush down to their booth at the airport to claim it. It was definitely a blast and one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done in my life. Being in Japan for the first time in my life , it was like just like a scene out of a Japanese manga. Was so excited to explore and try new things over there. Although it was just 24 hrs and probably not enough time by a long shot , but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was life a breath of fresh air compared to the hectic lifestyle back in Singapore.  Hopefully i get more opportunities like this to travel again!

Monday, September 24, 2012





ooo we have a badass here..

yeah... i believe you....

I totally adore my now 4 month old niece Isabel, she is such a cute baby! Well not to be baised here or anything but honestly she is the cutest baby i have ever seen. I mean all babies are cute in their own way but..yeah to me she is the star of them all. She is half belgium - half singaporean. Yeap a mixed blood baby. Seriously makes me thing whether i should consider having a european or caucasian girlfriend...hahaha well im thinking and that's all to it. Isabel  reacts very well to the camera and makes me wonder if she will have a future in modelling when she grows up? Hmm.. She isnt camera shy, although she like to reach out and touch the lens and stuff but well babies will be babies huh? 
Anyway today she is the star of  this blog post!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nikon D600 ANNOUNCED!!!!

Just announced a couple of days ago, the Nikon D600 entry level full frame DSLR sports a 24.3 MP sensor! This sits below the D800 and above the D7000 and D300s as reported by Nikon. Personally I am super stocked about this announcement!  This would be the perfect camera for those looking to jump to full frame but dont really have the budget to get the D800. Well done Nikon! The only thing that i wished this camera has is a cheaper price tag. Well it is almost half the price of a D800 ,but its still rather expensive,2099 USD (correct me if i am wrong) body only. I am definitely looking to jump to get my hands on this bad boy when i can afford to. Honestly speaking I love my D3200, however i feel the lack of  in build features such as a time lapse mode(so i bought an intervolemeter)  12 bit RAW files, not exactly very good noise performance at higher ISOs, no internal AF motor, only 12 AF points, no creative lighting system, makes me kinda lust for the D600 and what it promises to deliver. Well many people are considering getting the D600 new or getting a used D700 now that the price is low, but i figured technology is always gonna get outdated and in this age it'll do so faster than before. So yeah, Im just waiting for this guy to hit the shelves in local stores and ill start saving up! Making the jump to full frame !

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Night Festival 1/9/2012

Decoration outside SOTA

Film and Wayang exhibition at the singapore national museum

Story telling show just beside Singapore national museum

Live concert on Singapore Management University's campus

Live concert on Singapore Management University's campus

Live concert on Singapore Management University's campus

Lights display on the building of Singapore Arts Museum

Its been awhile since i updated this page.Been kind of busy with school and projects , but I'll do my best to keep adding stuff here from time to time. These few shots were taken during the night festival that took place from 31st August 2012 and 1st September 2012. Was out with a friend exploring the place and checking out the various events that were ongoing. Now who ever said that Singapore was a boring place to live in? =p

Friday, August 10, 2012

B/W in Ukraine

What are you looking at?
Euro 2012 Fanzone ,  Lviv Ukraine

Living in another's shadow
Euro 2012 Fanzone , Lviv Ukraine

Rough day
Euro 2012 Fanzone , Lviv Ukraine

Sword Dance
Khazaks Village , Lviv Ukraine

Darth Vader
Euro 2012 Stadium , Lviv Ukraine

Wanted to share some shots that i took when i was in Lviv, Ukraine during Euro 2012. I got my dslr a couple of weeks before i took these shots , so was't entirely familiar with the settings yet so forgive if they are a little rough around the edges. Will try to do more portraits, really need some more practice in that respect. I really like how black and white gives a whole different feel to an image and makes things really stand out, well okay sometimes it does, not always.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy National Day

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Happy 47th Birthday Singapore.
 First time taking fireworks shots.Quite satisfied with this.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When you wake up early and don't know what to do...

East Coast Park , Singapore

Cast Out
East Coast Park , Singapore

Beach on
East Coast Park , Singapore
(really liked how this one turned out)

No. 20
East Coast Park , Singapore

East Coast Park , Singapore
Took these shots last week. Woke up around 5am in the morning and couldn't really get back to sleep so i decided to head to the coast to do some beach shots ,well it was something i wanted to do for sometime already but never really got to it. So in the end , i managed to drive down and found a pretty sweet spot where there are less people around and plenty of space for me to move around to get a satisfying composition and not look like some weirdo. Anyway seems like things turned out quite well.

A night out to Gardens by the Bay

Rush Hour
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Night in Pandora
Gardens by the bay, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Alternate Marina Bay Sands
Gardens by the bay, Singapore

Took these a couple of weeks ago, when i was out with a couple of friends visiting the new gardens by the bay that opened this year. Quite an impressive feat of architecture and engineering and absolutely beautiful at night when the lights are on. First time playing with long shutter speeds and small apertures so didn't really know what to expect, but i guess things turned out not too shabby.

Big things have small beginnings..well that's what they say

Ever since i bought my first Dslr (Nikon D3200) and started getting interested in photography a couple of months ago, i always wanted a place where i could showcase some of my work. Well at least those that i think are presentable enough. Tried instagram, but it quickly ended up as a collection of random photos of friends ,food and other things. Flickr was not a bad idea i thought , until they decided to charge people to upgrade to their pro accounts. So i decided to just start this simple blog and just post photography related content on here. It wont be an insight to my day to day life and what i am having for my meals and what i am feeling or doing at 4 am in the morning ,but just the pictures of my photographic journey and anything i feel that is related to my little blossoming hobby of photography.

Most of my photos can be found at my flickr account