Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nikon D600 ANNOUNCED!!!!

Just announced a couple of days ago, the Nikon D600 entry level full frame DSLR sports a 24.3 MP sensor! This sits below the D800 and above the D7000 and D300s as reported by Nikon. Personally I am super stocked about this announcement!  This would be the perfect camera for those looking to jump to full frame but dont really have the budget to get the D800. Well done Nikon! The only thing that i wished this camera has is a cheaper price tag. Well it is almost half the price of a D800 ,but its still rather expensive,2099 USD (correct me if i am wrong) body only. I am definitely looking to jump to get my hands on this bad boy when i can afford to. Honestly speaking I love my D3200, however i feel the lack of  in build features such as a time lapse mode(so i bought an intervolemeter)  12 bit RAW files, not exactly very good noise performance at higher ISOs, no internal AF motor, only 12 AF points, no creative lighting system, makes me kinda lust for the D600 and what it promises to deliver. Well many people are considering getting the D600 new or getting a used D700 now that the price is low, but i figured technology is always gonna get outdated and in this age it'll do so faster than before. So yeah, Im just waiting for this guy to hit the shelves in local stores and ill start saving up! Making the jump to full frame !

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