Sunday, May 12, 2013

B/W Scans

A couple of scans from my printed film images during my photo imaging module in school. Took these mainly using Ilford hp5 400 film and printed them on ilford fibre paper. Cant remember which filter number i used when printed , but i do remember im a big fan of filter 4.0. This was when my Film photography journey began and how i fell in love with it.
Coming up next would be my review of the 50mm f1.4 Ais lens that i was talking about in my previous post!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nikkor 50mm Ais

This would be sort of a hands on with my newest photography related purchase! Ever since i decided to take film photography seriously , i decided to invest in a film system that would last me for many years. After my nikon FE purchase, i need a lens to go with the camera body. Initially i got a 2nd hand 50mm f1.8 afd lens, which well served its purpose and was quite a good performing lens after testing it out with a roll of film. However the build quality felt cheap, the aperture ring was so stiff that i had to exert quite abit of force to get it moving.
Honestly i dont blame it for being not as high quality as i wished it would be, after all at the bargain price i got it , i really cant complain . However i felt that it didnt suit me as i wanted one that was going to last me a long time , and the plastic 50mm 1.8 afd just didnt cut it.

So i sold it and bought this 2nd hand 50mm f1.4 Ais instead. This lens feels like a premium product. Made in Japan and construction is built like a tank,mostly metal and the focus and aperture rings are smooth as butter and have a nice click when rotated.
So far i am really pleased with this lens built quality wise. I just popped in a roll of Kodak Tmax to test it out. Will post my thoughts and comment on how this lens performs soon!

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