Friday, November 8, 2013

A week with the Google Nexus 7

A week with the google Nexus 7

Just got my hands on the 2013 edition of the Nexus 7 by google . Going to have a week to play around with it and give my opinion on it. Having said that I am no stranger to android , having used the galaxy nexus, HTC oneX+ and galaxy note 2. However it was a definite first for me to own a device with the 7 inch mid range form factor and so far I am actually loving it. ( also pure vanilla android on the device always helps :) )

Shall update this space once I have thoroughly put the nexus 7 through a week of real world usage ! 

Well after a week of using this tablet, what are my thoughts about it? 
Specs aside ( you can probably find this with a simple google search) , I feel that for its price it a hell of a jem! Scrolling and browsing through the tablet was buttery smooth with no lag and the screen is sharp and crisp. Only gripe i had with it was that the camera wasnt very good.. but hey its a tablet! And probably that android apps werent as stable as compared to iOS ones. But all in all a real steal and good product from google!

FujiFilm X100s

Fujifilm X100s

s mentioned in my previous post, I made the decision to sell my nikon dslr gear and invested in a nice epson v600 scanner to take my film photography more seriously. However this being the 21st century how can i not own a digital camera ?

Here is The Fujifilm X100s my new go to digital camera. 

The reason why I picked the X100s was firstly because of its size and weight. Using nikon DSLRs and heavy F2.8 lenses i have come to realise that I honestly and truly hate carrying around my camera with me.It was bulky and heavy, kept getting into my way when i slung it by the camera strap. It was just uncomfortable for street/travel photography which i mainly shoot. Now i could have opted for something like the olympus om-d or even the xpro-1 /xe-1...however i wanted something with an optical viewfinder and compact( Xpro-1 isnt as compact as i thought it was) . So the X100s was the perfect choice for me. Together with its improved focusing system with phase and contrast detection and the new x trans cmos sensor, this baby produces fantastic images~! Will include a couple of samples below to show you what i mean. 

The retro "rangefinder" look, the manual shutter speed and aperture controls are something i fell in love with when i was using my film camera and I was so glad Fuji added these features into their X series cameras.

All in all i am really pleased with this jem of a camera and I will update this post or probably add another post after i have more time to shoot with it.

Really excited to take this camera out and shoot with it. It does exactly what I i want it to do for my type of photography .

The only think that would make me stray from this camera, is that Fuji comes out with a Full Frame XPro camera....Now that is something irresistible


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking film photography seriously..

Well the day finally came where i decided to take my film photography seriously...So one fine day i decided to sell ALL OF MY digital gear, (D7100 ,17-55 2.8,35 1.8,85 1.8 etc) and move entirely to film. Well since i already have my Nikon FE and my 50mm 1.4 Ai-s lens ( which is probably the only lens i would ever need to do the kind of photography i like)...what else would i need other than more film? 

Lo and behold the Epson V600 scanner..! This beast of a scanner wasnt cheap and honestly if you asked me a year ago i would say that you have to be crazy to fork out so much money for a flat bed scanner. But yeah i got it and the scans it produces from my film negatives are amazing! Wont go into details on the specs but here are a few samples right from the scanner.

All in all I felt that the V600 was a great buy, especially for those who are really serious about film photography.

However this being the 21st century i cant do with out a digital camera right.......( continued in the next post)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My FIRST online photo book

Been wanting to try organising my images into photo books for awhile now so this is an experimental one i did using LR4 and an online publishing website issuu. Do let me know your thoughts about ! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Korea in Film (nikon fe and 50mm Ais 1.4)

A while back i wanted to give a performance review of the 50mm 1.4 lens i bought for my film camera.So i took it to Korea when i went on my graduation trip and below are the photos i managed to take using it.Most of them are taken using ilford hp5 b/w film and from what i can tell , the lens performed extraordinarily well. Okay i wont talk about it too much and let the pictures do the talking. The old school ,grainy feel of film photography adds an extra dimension onto images which i am in love with. So i sincerely hope you guys like these images too. Next up, Japan!