Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking film photography seriously..

Well the day finally came where i decided to take my film photography seriously...So one fine day i decided to sell ALL OF MY digital gear, (D7100 ,17-55 2.8,35 1.8,85 1.8 etc) and move entirely to film. Well since i already have my Nikon FE and my 50mm 1.4 Ai-s lens ( which is probably the only lens i would ever need to do the kind of photography i like)...what else would i need other than more film? 

Lo and behold the Epson V600 scanner..! This beast of a scanner wasnt cheap and honestly if you asked me a year ago i would say that you have to be crazy to fork out so much money for a flat bed scanner. But yeah i got it and the scans it produces from my film negatives are amazing! Wont go into details on the specs but here are a few samples right from the scanner.

All in all I felt that the V600 was a great buy, especially for those who are really serious about film photography.

However this being the 21st century i cant do with out a digital camera right.......( continued in the next post)
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