Saturday, March 30, 2013

Photography Assignment : South East Asia Cheerleading Open

Just a couple of sample shots I took for a cheerleading event today. Thanks to my friend , I had the opportunity to photography the group formal photos before they entered the actual competition grounds. Well its only a small job,but i welcomed the experience. had to struggle with poor lighting conditions and a humid noisy location , but well I just had to make it work for me i guess. Anyway it was an enjoyable experience and here are some shots i took time to process .

Friday, March 29, 2013

Street shooting with the nikon d7100

1/13ƒ/2.8ISO 160017 mm

1/100ƒ/6.3ISO 40055 mm

1/60ƒ/7.1ISO 40017 mm

1/8ƒ/8ISO 160038 mm

1/60ƒ/8ISO 40055 mm

1/15ƒ/8ISO 160023 mm
Took some time out today to do some street shooting while visiting my niece today. Was the perfect chance to get some shots on my D7100 which I am super excited to get more time with. Below are a couple of pictures I took. Unfortunately Lightroom 4 still doesnt support the .NEF RAW files from the D7100 so the files were taken in.jpeg format and edited slightly.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Nikon D7100!

As you can most probably guess , i just purchased a new dslr! I upgraded from my D3200 to the new D7100 and what an upgrade it was to me. Honestly speaking I really like my D3200, it was light, and produces fantastic images. It provided me with a tool to begin learning photography and basically introduced me the world of digital imaging. However as i progressed in my learning i felt that it lacked certain features that i felt would help me with my learning. Such as high speed flash sync and superior noise the small grip doesnt feel too right with my bigger hands. So i sold my D3200 and got this new baby instead and i got to say I am impressed with its performance so far. But until I used it more i cant give a final verdict of my opinion about it . Will definitely be updating this section soon enough!

Below are some sample jpegs I took with whatever free time i have with the camera. been really packed with projects and school stuff lately.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random uploads for today...

Its been a while since I have uploaded here are a couple of randoms i shot during what free time I have. Hope to post more in the coming weeks!