Friday, March 29, 2013

Street shooting with the nikon d7100

1/13ƒ/2.8ISO 160017 mm

1/100ƒ/6.3ISO 40055 mm

1/60ƒ/7.1ISO 40017 mm

1/8ƒ/8ISO 160038 mm

1/60ƒ/8ISO 40055 mm

1/15ƒ/8ISO 160023 mm
Took some time out today to do some street shooting while visiting my niece today. Was the perfect chance to get some shots on my D7100 which I am super excited to get more time with. Below are a couple of pictures I took. Unfortunately Lightroom 4 still doesnt support the .NEF RAW files from the D7100 so the files were taken in.jpeg format and edited slightly.
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