Monday, December 17, 2012

After using the #HTCOneXPlus from #StarHub for a little more than a week, I kind of got the hang of using it as my daily driver . This has been my first experience  using a HTC phone and I did had my reservations about it. However my experience with the One X + has been a seemingly pleasant one and its performance is comparable to that of my own galaxy note 2 save for the screen size difference. Instead of listing down every feature , I guess I would just comment on the things that I feel most in my normal daily life.

  1. The impressive battery life of the phone! the 2100 mah battery is more than sufficient to last through an entire day of normal usage. This is a major improvement over the older One X and I am glad HTC listen to customers'feedback to fix that issue. This saves me the trouble of having to carry around an extra battery pack or even my charging cable when I am out and about during the day( something i see with most other smartphone users).
  2. The camera of the HTC One X + is also of very good quality (both front and back)!  One of the best phone cameras out there on the market.It produces sharp and crisp images and performs superb under low lighting conditions thanks to its BSI sensor. The 99 no shutter lag continuous burst mode also allows for capture of fast moving images and together with the best picture function,  it makes capturing that perfect image simple!
  3. The huge 64gb in build storage together with the free 50gb storage space from dropbox that you can redeem once you sign up under your HTC phone, is more than enough for any user I believe.
  4. The HTC sense 4 layout is simply beautiful and well designed.Set up was a breeze and took me less than 10 mins to get my phone set up and ready to go. Uninstalling apps is as simple as pressing and holding the app on your home screen and selecting delete. No more going deep into system settings to do so.The built in player plays every file type i threw at it . I do not even need to download a third party application to use at all! 
  5. Beats audio integration is a very welcomed feature! As I use my phone as my main mp3 a player as well, audio quality is of extreme importance to me and the HTC One X + speakers are loud and audible with little distortion thanks to its new amplifiers and when listening with headphones, the beats audio technology takes listening to music to a whole new level! 

There of cause plenty of other features that the HTC One X + have hidden within its gorgeous design that I did not mention. But Those that I have are which find the most applicable to MY daily usage of the phone. I am pretty sure everyone has different opinions about their own personal usage , but I am confident no matter the situation the HTC One X + is definitely more than capable to help any user satisfy their smartphone demands!

I highly recommend this phone to those who want a top end android device or even a first time smartphone owner at a reasonable price! Its capability and potential are reason enough to give it a try!