Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Nikon D7100!

As you can most probably guess , i just purchased a new dslr! I upgraded from my D3200 to the new D7100 and what an upgrade it was to me. Honestly speaking I really like my D3200, it was light, and produces fantastic images. It provided me with a tool to begin learning photography and basically introduced me the world of digital imaging. However as i progressed in my learning i felt that it lacked certain features that i felt would help me with my learning. Such as high speed flash sync and superior noise the small grip doesnt feel too right with my bigger hands. So i sold my D3200 and got this new baby instead and i got to say I am impressed with its performance so far. But until I used it more i cant give a final verdict of my opinion about it . Will definitely be updating this section soon enough!

Below are some sample jpegs I took with whatever free time i have with the camera. been really packed with projects and school stuff lately.

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