Friday, November 8, 2013

A week with the Google Nexus 7

A week with the google Nexus 7

Just got my hands on the 2013 edition of the Nexus 7 by google . Going to have a week to play around with it and give my opinion on it. Having said that I am no stranger to android , having used the galaxy nexus, HTC oneX+ and galaxy note 2. However it was a definite first for me to own a device with the 7 inch mid range form factor and so far I am actually loving it. ( also pure vanilla android on the device always helps :) )

Shall update this space once I have thoroughly put the nexus 7 through a week of real world usage ! 

Well after a week of using this tablet, what are my thoughts about it? 
Specs aside ( you can probably find this with a simple google search) , I feel that for its price it a hell of a jem! Scrolling and browsing through the tablet was buttery smooth with no lag and the screen is sharp and crisp. Only gripe i had with it was that the camera wasnt very good.. but hey its a tablet! And probably that android apps werent as stable as compared to iOS ones. But all in all a real steal and good product from google!
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