Friday, November 8, 2013

FujiFilm X100s

Fujifilm X100s

s mentioned in my previous post, I made the decision to sell my nikon dslr gear and invested in a nice epson v600 scanner to take my film photography more seriously. However this being the 21st century how can i not own a digital camera ?

Here is The Fujifilm X100s my new go to digital camera. 

The reason why I picked the X100s was firstly because of its size and weight. Using nikon DSLRs and heavy F2.8 lenses i have come to realise that I honestly and truly hate carrying around my camera with me.It was bulky and heavy, kept getting into my way when i slung it by the camera strap. It was just uncomfortable for street/travel photography which i mainly shoot. Now i could have opted for something like the olympus om-d or even the xpro-1 /xe-1...however i wanted something with an optical viewfinder and compact( Xpro-1 isnt as compact as i thought it was) . So the X100s was the perfect choice for me. Together with its improved focusing system with phase and contrast detection and the new x trans cmos sensor, this baby produces fantastic images~! Will include a couple of samples below to show you what i mean. 

The retro "rangefinder" look, the manual shutter speed and aperture controls are something i fell in love with when i was using my film camera and I was so glad Fuji added these features into their X series cameras.

All in all i am really pleased with this jem of a camera and I will update this post or probably add another post after i have more time to shoot with it.

Really excited to take this camera out and shoot with it. It does exactly what I i want it to do for my type of photography .

The only think that would make me stray from this camera, is that Fuji comes out with a Full Frame XPro camera....Now that is something irresistible

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