Monday, September 24, 2012





ooo we have a badass here..

yeah... i believe you....

I totally adore my now 4 month old niece Isabel, she is such a cute baby! Well not to be baised here or anything but honestly she is the cutest baby i have ever seen. I mean all babies are cute in their own way but..yeah to me she is the star of them all. She is half belgium - half singaporean. Yeap a mixed blood baby. Seriously makes me thing whether i should consider having a european or caucasian girlfriend...hahaha well im thinking and that's all to it. Isabel  reacts very well to the camera and makes me wonder if she will have a future in modelling when she grows up? Hmm.. She isnt camera shy, although she like to reach out and touch the lens and stuff but well babies will be babies huh? 
Anyway today she is the star of  this blog post!  

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