Friday, August 10, 2012

B/W in Ukraine

What are you looking at?
Euro 2012 Fanzone ,  Lviv Ukraine

Living in another's shadow
Euro 2012 Fanzone , Lviv Ukraine

Rough day
Euro 2012 Fanzone , Lviv Ukraine

Sword Dance
Khazaks Village , Lviv Ukraine

Darth Vader
Euro 2012 Stadium , Lviv Ukraine

Wanted to share some shots that i took when i was in Lviv, Ukraine during Euro 2012. I got my dslr a couple of weeks before i took these shots , so was't entirely familiar with the settings yet so forgive if they are a little rough around the edges. Will try to do more portraits, really need some more practice in that respect. I really like how black and white gives a whole different feel to an image and makes things really stand out, well okay sometimes it does, not always.
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