Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gear Update!

Back with a gear update!

So I recently purchased a Leica M Type 240 to replace the Leica M9 that I used to own (now sold) and boy was I glad I made the switch.

Not to say that the M9 was a disappointing camera, it does have its moments of brilliance like when there is adequate light, its low iso images are fantastic thanks to that CCD Kodak sensor. However it's inability to deliver usable results at high iso is really a huge downside for me and was the main reason why I decided to sell it and move on. 

Initially i considered going back to the Fujifilm X system when I put my M9 for sale, however I saw a M240 at an unbelievable price on clubsnap and I knew that it was meant to be. 

So thats how I ended up with this camera. I also separately purchased the 50 mm Summicron v5 and a 28 mm Elmarit Asph leica lens which pretty much covered the focal lengths I used the most.

So how do I feel about the camera so far? 
Well its a Leica. Build quality is fantastic, image quality does not disappoint and it handles noise at higher ISO SO MUCH BETTER than the M9. I honestly couldn't really care less that its a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD. The images look great with tons of dynamic range and at 24MP that look brilliant on my television when I display them.

One of the other features I love about the M240 is ironically the liveview feature. The thing with Leica rangefinders is that if one wears glasses they wont be able to see the framelines for 28mm and even some times 35mm. This is superbly annoying in some cases where your framing is critical. However with liveview on the M240, even if you use an ultra wide lens like 15mm , you will still be able to get accurate framing. Also focus peaking helps a bunch too!

From my brief use of the Leica M240, I can say that this iteration of the Leica M rangefinder is Leica's biggest leap in to the digital age.  Bringing technologies that Leica purists would frown upon but is sorely lacking in its bid to stay relevant in this day and age.
Paired together with their legendary line up of Leica lenses and the offerings from Zeiss and Voigtlander, the Leica M type 240 is a serious camera for the rangefinder enthusiast and will certainly will not disappoint. 

Well that is all from me for now. Can't wait to post some of the pictures I took with this piece of German precision engineering.

Stay tuned!!