Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Overall Review of the LG G4

Overall Review of the LG G4

“See the Great, Feel the Great”.


Having used the LG G4 for the last 2 weeks, I would like to say that my experience with it has been rather surprising. Features like the vibrant and bright Quad HD display and the new f1.8 aperture 16 MP cameras has been a joy to use. Software features like the voice and hand gestured activated shutter release I found to be pretty useful especially for those selfie moments.

There are some quirks such as less than stellar battery life and the metallic unit that I reviewed didn’t really feel that great in hand. However the G4 features removable batteries and premium leather back covers which helps with these issues.


This has to obviously go to the 16MP rear camera of the LG G4. Images have been sharp and crisp, color accurate and offers a good depth of field for those “bokeh” shots. For those who want to be more creative, the G4 offers full manual control of the camera including ISO, shutter speed and focus. Definitely a treat for those photography enthusiasts like myself.


So you have taken a bunch of awesome pictures, but what makes them truly POP would be the bright and vibrant Quad HD display on the G4. Content on a smartphone never looked so good and was definitely my favorite feature of the LG G4.


So to sum up, would I recommend this phone?
IF you love photography, IF you love the option of having swappable batteries and additional storage and IF you like a phone with a customizable back cover to suit your personality, then 100% yes you absolutely have to give the LG G4 a look.

Try it to believe it.

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